Cine stars and Sports stars have become the icons of the day. Well, there is another category of stars: “the Sanctity stars”. There are several constellations of them shining in the firmament of the Church. Each constellation may have many stars. Each star may twinkle with a brightness of its own, but those of the same constellation will have something common in their glow. Just like the members of the same family resemble one another even though each one is unique, the saints of the same religious family possess certain characteristic features fashioned by their common spirit, charism and spirituality. Among the”Sanctity stars”of the Salesian constellation we find men and women, priests, clerics, bishops, martyrs, missionaries, religious and lay people and even teenagers. They practiced the simple Christian spirituality as lived and taught by Don Bosco. It consists in encountering God in the day to day life and Sacraments, love for Mary and the Church and concern and care for others- all of which practiced in an atmosphere of joy, cheerfulness, optimism and family spirit. Following the teachings of St. Francis de Sales that holiness is within the reach of all, Don Bosco proved that it is attainable even by young people. In the galaxy of Salesian family members who have reached this goal shine also teenagers who were guided by Don Bosco and his followers.

St. John Bosco

St. Mary Mazzarello

St. Dominic Savio

St. Louis Versiglia

St. Callistus Caravario

Bl. Michael Rua

Bl. Laura Vicuña

Bl. Philip Rinaldi

Bl. Maddalena

Bl. Joseph Kowalski

Bl. Joseph Calasanz

Bl. Maria Carmen

Bl. Louis Variara

Bl. Maria Romero

Bl. Artemides

Bl. Augustus Czartoryski

Bl. Eusebia Palomino

Bl. Alexandrina

Bl. Albert Marvelli

Bl. Zeffirino Namuncura

BL. Laura Meozzi

Bl. Teresa Valse

Maria Troncatti

Joseph Quadrio

Attilio Giordani

Ignatius Stuchly

Octavius Ortiz

Joseph Augusto

Elias Comini

Stephen Ferrando

Matilde Salem