Our Ministry

At the age of nine, little Johny Bosco had a remarkable dream in which a majestic personage asked him to transform a group of unruly boys to boys of good conduct and character. The method to be used was: “not with blows, but with loving kindness”. Don Bosco began his mission by gathering poor boys abandoned on the streets of Turin. Using reason, religion and loving kindness, he transformed them into good Christians and honest citizens.

Mary Domenica Mazzarello the peasant girl of Mornese also had a vision. Against the background of a building, she saw a crowd of young girls, and heard a voice: “I entrust them to you”. She had not heard of Don Bosco yet. Along with her friend Petronilla, she gathered the young girls of Mornese, taught them cutting and tailoring and simultaneously catechised them and trained them to be good Christians and honest citizens. The Holy Spirit had guided her to do for poor girls what Don Bosco was doing for the poor boys of Turin, thus giving rise to our charism of evangelization through education of the poor, abandoned and marginalized young people. Besides opening houses in Italy and France, the first batch of six sisters set sail for South America on 14 November 1877.

We carry out our mission for the poor and abandoned children, youth and women through:

* Education

Schools, Junior colleges,Teacher Training college,

* Vocational Training Centres

* Child Care Institutions for Children in Difficult Situations

* Developmental activities

FIDES (Family Integral Development Education Scheme)
Employment scheme for women
Italia Solidale
Self-Help groups
Grihini course
Free Tuition for poor children
Bridge Course
Distant adoption
Neighbourhood Children’s Parliament

Back to School Programme

Residential Youth Centres

Family Apostolate

Parish Catechesis &Animation

SDB – FMA collaboration for Fishermen`s development