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Youth Ministry

A Salesian or an n FMA cannot be but a lover of youth. It is because they are the followers of Don Bosco who told his youth "for you I study, for you I work, for you I am ready to give up my life?. Hence, the Salesian and FMAS institutions are busy ...of youth ministry. Their services to youth can be categorised into two types Campus ministry and off campus ministry.

Campus Youth Ministry

In all our institutions, a warm climate of family spirit is built up with the young through personal contacts, friendly rapport and loving accompaniment. Don Bosco used to tell his followers, "Make yourselves loved, rather than feared; it is not enough to love the young, they should feel that they are loved "Education is a matter of the heart"

In this friendly atmosphere of our campuses, seeds of Gospel values are sown in through morning assemblies, good morning talks, value education and catechism classes. Value orientation days, retreats, meaningful celebration of national and regional festivals, religious feasts, teachers? and children?s day, Gratitude day, Day with God, etc are means of imparting moral and spiritual values to the young.

Programmes for enhancing self awareness, personality development and leadership qualities, activities of the various clubs and groups, house system, facilities for developing their God- given talents - all these carried out within a well organized educative plan bring about the integral growth of the young.

Opportunities are provided to create social awareness, social concern and love for the poor and the suffering humanity. Media education is given through classes on media. While our campuses are kept free of political activities, education to politics is given.

Junior VIDES and Auxilium Youth Movement are embracing more and more youngsters into their fold, giving them opportunities to grow up as good and honest citizens. Jesus Christ the perfect Man is presented as the model - Mary the Mother of Jesus takes care of our campuses with motherly tenderness.

Off Campus Youth Ministry

In many of the parishes where our sisters work, they are given charge of Sunday Catechism, the KCSL, KCYM, Thirubala Sakhyam and other groups for children and youth.

The junior VIDES and AYM are slowly attracting unorganized youth. The NCP (Neighbourhood Children?s Parliament)conducted by many of our communities help to develop qualities especially in rural children. Through NCP, children have brought about many improvements in their village