Provincial Houses


Youth & Vocation pastoral

YOUTH PASTORAL (AYM, Educational & Technical Inst., Vides)

General Objective:
Transformed by the experience of daily encounter with God, we build communities of communion, compassion and commitment and accompany the young and the families in the Salesian style.

Specific objectives Action Plans
1. Enable the young people to have a transformative encounter with God Compulsory Annual Retreat for teachers and students
- Experiential prayer moments daily/frequently
- Regular Sacramental life: First Friday Mass and the Sacrament of Reconciliation
- Good morning/Good night thoughts based on Gospel
2. Facilitate the young people and the families to build homes of commitment, communion and compassion - Panel discussion on Family
- Formative sessions on Amoris Laetitia and Strenna 2017 for parents (twice a year) and staff (monthly)
- Debate for young people on “Every Home, a School of Life and Love”
- Group discussions to be held during parents meeting on families
- Revival of Junior VIDES, AYM & all other Groups and Movements
- Make Groups and Movements become platforms of commitment, communion and compassion
- Visit the families of our students especially those in difficulties
3. Make our centers Catholic, Salesian and quality - Regular Catechism-3, Moral Science-3, Media Education-1,
Human Rights-1
- Regional and local youth meet
- Celebrate Marian and Salesian Feasts
- Focus on quality Salesian assistance and counseling
- Maintain academic excellence
- Facilitate English speaking campus
- Promote soft skills and skill training
- Focus on character formation
- Strengthen Groups and movements
- Celebrate Moral science day, Catechism day, media day and Bible week
- Read the Word of God daily in the assembly.

Phase I:
1. Share life transformative stories of the young as the result of their encounter with God?
2. Specify how Catholic and Salesian are our schools and technical institutes?
3. Identify the indicators of your academic excellence?
4. Share the success stories of the young in your technical schools?
5. How have the groups and movements functioned in your centers?

Phase II:
1. What have you done for the transformation of the students, teachers and their families?
2. What is the obvious outcome of the academic excellence of your school this year?