Provincial Houses


Young at Risk

General Objective: Transformed by the experience of daily encounter with Jesus be compassionate and committed like Mary to proclaim Christ to all.

Specific objectives Action Plans
1. Enable the young people to a have transformative encounter with God • Daily Meditation, Yoga, Prayer experiences
• Invite people who had experiences of God to share with the children.
• To conduct inner healing sessions
2. Facilitate the young people and the families to build homes of commitment, communion and compassion • Home enquiry and follow up of children
• Building up family ties of children
• Exposure visits to institutions of differently challenged people
• Study of JJ Act, POCSO, CPP and abide by the laws and regulations of Govt.
3. Make our centers Catholic, Salesian and quality • Regular moral value classes
• Keeping up the Salesian & Marian feasts
• Birthday Celebrations and Orange Day
• Better functioning of Children’s’ Parliament
• Developing of soft skills and arts; personality enhancement programmes

Phase I:
• Enumerate signs of transformation as fruit of their encounter with God among the children.
• How far did we succeed in building up the family ties of children and how did we help them in living their commitment, communion and compassion?

Phase II:
How did we make our centers Catholic, Salesian and quality?