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Investiture Ceremony

It was an auspicious day for all the leaders of Auxilium School Warangal who were elected by the students to lead the school.The ceremony began with a meaningful prayer moment invoking the Holy Spirit . Sr. Margaret the correspondent of the school enlightened the minds of the children about leadership and their responsibilities. She gave them the awareness that each one has their duty to be a leader and he /she has to do their best to stand up as a leader. The leaders looked elegant with their badges and scarves . They pledged themselves to abide by the rules of the school. Sr. Margaret the correspondent of the school and Sr. Jisha the principal appreciated and encouraged the student leaders. Sr. Kiran was the M.C for the programme.The morning's programme ended with a song taught by Rev.Sr. Margaret which gave them the message that they should be always alive, alert and enthusuastic. The media persons were invited and they published the news in the next day news paper.