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Vocation Gift of Grace and a Life Plan

The formators of FMA India were fortunate to have Sr. Piera Cavaglia' as the recource person for the meeting that took place in the Sacred Heart Provincial House Bangalore on 5th and 6th September 2016. The humble, simple, unassuming and happy FMA - Sr. Piera spoke volumes to us; Communication the richness of our Salesian Charism and our responsibility to hand over the same to the coming generations. The formators in unison agree that each one of us have been inspired, enriched and strengthened by the lively presence and frank and dynamic sharing of Sr. Piera. Here are some of the highlights of our encounter:

Educate young people to discern God's plan for their lives and to assume it as a mission (const. 72)

Every person is a dream of God and has a life time to discover this dream and to make it happen.

The world will be poorer if even only one person doesnot realize the mission to which they are called by God who created them.

A vocation is not a personal possession, a reality that I carry out alone, a hobby, a personal tendency to implement some kind of activity that I like.

Vocation is a pure grace, certainty it is a mystery the mystery of God who calls those whom He wants and when He wills. Today "the loss of the sense of mystery may be at the origin of the currtent situation of vocational crisis (PF 87)

The story of each person called to follow the Lord more closely is a story of friendship with God (VC 64)

At the foundation of every vocation, first of all there is a person to be met, to get to know, to love and to be followed.

Sr. Piera concluded saying, in our vocational journey we have many challenges, and they are invitations to renew our 'yes'. With all the fragilities that we meet every day, we are called to become Holy. We are called to fill up the blank pages of the Gospel and the Constitutions with our own personal characteristics, creativity and holiness.

(Sr. Celine Jacob (INK) Novice Mistress)