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Teachers' Orientation Programme - Auxilium Secunderabad

The orientation programme for the teachers for the academic year 2014-2015 was conducted on 6th June, 2014. It started with an impressive audio visual prayer song depicting the love of God. The power point presentation about Nick Vujicic awakened the group and energized them with the powerful message that 'Attitude is Altitude'. Nick has proved to the world that as long as we have a purpose we wouldn't lack the strength to achieve it - no matter how high the stakes are.

The session concluded with the list of instructions given by Sr.Rosily the Principal for the effective functioning of the school for the academic year and the improvement of the student-teacher relationship. The next session was by Mr.Suhas of the Calligraphy academy about practical instructions and tips to improve the hand writing.

As part of the ongoing education programme for the teachers a three member team was invited from 'Person to person' institute of Christian Counseling to conduct a seminar on counseling. It was very effective and offered many useful hints for forming our millennial children.

Mrs. Mary K.P.