FMA INK Communities


Social Ministry

SOCIAL MINISTRY (NCP, Tuition Centers, Back to School, SHG)

General Objective:
Passionately in love with Jesus like Mary, we build genuine relationships with one another and proclaim the gospel of joy and love to the young people, families especially those in periphery, by listening and accompanying them in the spirit of da mihi animas.


Be proclaimers of
the Gospel of Joy and Love

Proclaim the Gospel values to our beneficiaries.
Build genuine relationship with one another and with the people whom we are dealing with
Celebrate Girl child day, Children’s day, charity day, Women’s day, Orange day, Anti-human trafficking day, Day of the Poor and Christmas.

Revitalize the tuition centers, HR Clubs, NCP’s, SHGs and Back to School programmes

Accompany the
families with the attitude of listening

Visit once a week the families of SHGs, NCP, Tuition children, Back to school by the sister in charge
Take special care of families in difficulties, listen to their problems and accompany them.
Follow up the CPP in all our centers

1. Which are the ways that you have proclaimed the Gospel values to your beneficiaries?
2. How many families have you visited and accompanied and what were the transformations noticed in their families?

Phase -II
1. Is the CPP active in your Centre? If yes what are the effects? If not why? What will you do in the future?
2. What are the efforts that you have you made to improve the tuition centers, HR Clubs, NCP’s, and SHGs and Back to School programmes? Give quantitative and qualitative report.