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Social Communication

SOCIAL COMMUNICATION (at the service of all the sectors)

General Objective:
Transformed by the experience of daily encounter with Jesus, we build communities of communion, compassion and commitment like Mary Our Mother, to proclaim Christ joyfully and accompany the young and the families in the Salesian style.

Specific objectives Action Plans
Become witnesses of the Gospel and communicators of good news - Read, reflect and share the Gospel passages *
- Appreciate others and avoid gossip.
- Use positive words rather than negative. **
- Digital presentation of the Salesian books suggested by the province during the provincial visit.
Use Social media for effective communication that leads to transformation - Media class once a month in all the formal and non formal centres on the topics given by the media corner of the Province.
- Celebrate World Communication day (Nov 15)
- Awareness programme for the parents on the ‘effect of media on children’.

* Phase I : Lk 19:1-10, Jn 4: 1-42, Phase II : Lk 24 : 13-35, Jn 20: 11-18

* Encourage inmates to enact the Gospel passages given above.
** Avoid the words - “shouldn’t, mustn’t, etc and use: “it is better to, it could have been better” etc…

Phase I
1. How did the reading and reflection of the given Gospel passages help you to be witnesses of the Gospel?
2. What were the impact of appreciation and the use of positive words?
3. Give a short report of the media education conducted in your centre.

Phase II
1. How did the reading and assimilation of Salesian books help you to become communicators of good news?
2. What was the result of the awareness programme conducted for the parents on 'the effect of media on children’?
3. Give a report on the celebration of the World Communication day.