FMA INK Communities


Salesian Family

SALESIAN FAMILY (Sal. Co-operators, Past Pupils, ADMA)

General Objective: Passionately in love with Jesus like Mary, we build genuine relationships with one another and proclaim the Gospel of joy and love to the young people, families especially those in periphery, by listening and accompanying them in the spirit of da mihi animas.


Rediscover the
passion for
Da mihi animas

1. Accompany the young in the family, parish and in the working area

2. Daily prayer for vocations in the family and promotion of vocations

3. Active participation in the Parish activities through teaching catechism, visiting the families, animation of the liturgy and BCC.

Past Pupils:
1. Forming a whats app group in each institutions
2. Send one good message once a week at least
3. Give great importance to faith formation and value education

1) Start ADMA in all the houses
2) Pray for vocations and Missionaries & promote vocations
3) Accompany the young in the family, parish and in the working area - Reaching out to the poor in the periphery

Provide ecological

Co-operators/ Past Pupils/ ADMA
1. Ecological awareness in their families, neighbourhood and work places

2. Take a step to inform the Panchayat to eradicate plastic and ask the SHG members (Kudumbasree) to prepare paper bags

Each one reach one

Co-operators/ Past Pupils/ ADMA
1. Motivate them to reach out at least to one family or one person to build them up emotionally, psychologically and economically

Study materials:
1. Strenna 2018
2. Life of Don Bosco
3. PAL – Project of Apostolic Life
4. Preparatory document of the Synod - Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment

(Co-operators/ Past Pupils/ADMA)
1. How far did you succeed to instruct them on the zeal of DB for young people?
2. What did you do to create awareness about nurturing nature?

(Co-operators/ Past Pupils/ADMA)
1. How far did they succeed in preserving nature and making the area plastic free and green?
2. How far did they succeed in reaching out to poor in the periphery?