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A Day of Prayer for Peace: 20th September, 2016
Auxilium Seva Nilaya, Gavaravaram

The appeal of His Holiness Pope Francis was taken into heart by the Children, Staff and the educating community of Auxilium Seva Nilaya, Gavaravaram, Andra Predesh, India, in the province of Bangalore.

The day began with the chanting of the song of St. Francis of Assisi 'make me a channel of your peace' was pondered over and sung devotedly. At the beginning of the school hours was marked by a gather of the entire students where Sr. Madhuri Panem FMA, the Headmistress gave a short talk - explaining about the 'Inter religious Meeting' that has begun at Assisi and about the appeal of the Holy Father for peace.

It was fascinating to see the entire campus stood in silence with joined hands and closed eyes raising their hearts to the transcendent praying for peace in the troubled world. They were of different religion what those few moments their only prayer was for peace and serenity in the world.

Sr. Crocetta Thomas FMA, the animator of the community exhorted the gathering to love everyone as brothers and sisters. Everyone was motivated to perform few acts of peace in their circles during the day. The symbol of peace which was displayed served as the reminder. Before concluding the prayer service, the prayer which was recommended by Pope was recited and the kiss of peace was exchanged.