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VIDES - Summer Camp 2014 at Doddabanahalli Govt. School

Today's children are tomorrow's future. Keeping this in mind, VIDES - (Sacred Heart Convent, Bangalore Unit, FIDES STAFF) team organized a Summer Camp for the Government School children from 4th April to 10th April 2014 at Doddabanahalli School campus. Mr. Mylarappa, the Head Master of the school, welcomed the Vides Volunteers of FIDES team profusely and was happy to inaugurate the camp in the presence of their school teachers and children. He exhorted the children to make the best use of the opportunity and learn many good things for their life especially the spoken English, as it is an indispensable means of communication in the digital world.

Since English is becoming the most common and widely spoken language in the world, our priority was to teach them spoken English . We grouped the children class wise and taught them to converse in short English sentences. Then we divided the children into pairs and gave them the opportunity to come forward and converse, using their creative mind.

Sr. Sumi Joseph the vides coordinator of the Fides staff and the Directress of FIDES (Family Integral Developmental Educational Society) along with other coordinators of Fides Sr. Celine Selvam, Sr. Geetha Mathew, kept the children alive and agile through Action songs , cultural competitions, cultural programmes, games etc. To break the monotony, we displayed different inspirational video clippings based on the moral values and they could very easily grasp it and shared with the group. To keep up the joyful spirit, some edibles were distributed at the end of the programme, so that they could return home cherishing and relishing the sweet memories.

After six days of unique experience with these children, we wound up the camp with very many interesting and eye capturing games, singsongs and laughter etc. At the end we had evaluation of the programme with the children. We also made them to know the children's rights and duties and act upon it whenever there is changes arise in their lives as children. All of the unanimously came up with the expression of gratitude, love and appreciation for conducting this programme. They also requested us to conduct the programme for coming years as well.

VIDES unit of FIDES is also extremely greatful to the Government school Headmaster and the staff, other helpers like sisters, FIDES staff and the Provincial House community, Vides co-ordinator of the province who encouraged and supported to make this endeavour a successful one. Special thanks to VIDES , for the magnanimous and generous heart and financial help with which they helped us to reach out the poor children. God Bless you All!.

Sr.Sumi Joseph FMA

Sacred Heart Convent, Bangalore-49.

Vides members planted Mango saplings

Keeping in mind the maxim that we are the co-creators of nature, we the members of VIDES took the initiative and responsibility to safe guard and protect nature. They even took a greater step to voluntarily dig the pits, mixed enough manure and planted few mango trees in our campus; all the sisters of the community too planted a tree each. We continue to see their love for nature as they regularly water them for better growth.