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On 31st May 2017, we are commencing a year of thanks giving to the Lord for his constant accompaniment, our province and each of us have experienced for the past 25 years. Many are the blessings to recall and recount. Within the span 24 years the Lord has multiplied our communities from 12 to 32 and sisters from 103 to 208. We began in utter poverty but with great determination to go anywhere and do any work with complete confidence in the Lord. He has led us through the deserts of struggles, scarcity of qualifies personal, lack of full fledged institutions and many other lacunas. But now He has reached us the land of Cana. The milk and honey of His Providence flowed into our Province through persons like Sr. Nancy, Sr. Edith of holy memory and many others who worked day and night to reach us to sustainable development.

We recall with love our Salesian family, Comide, Madre Selva, Vides, Masheski, Paul Uncle, Brigita Mayor, and many other generous benefactors who came to our rescue to build up our Province. In numerable are the graces and blessings He has showered on our Province through the able leadership of our Provincials Sr. Ruby Korah, Sr. Cicely Thomas, Sr. Rosy Malayatty and Sr. Crescentia D’Almeida. Sr. Crescentia passes on the Silver Jubilee light to Sr. Celine Jacob, let us entrust Sr. Celine, our province with all its mission into the loving hands of God so that He may continue to hold us in the palm of His hand and keep us close to His heart enabling all of us to experience the warmth of His love. May this one year of preparation for the Silver Jubilee of our Province keep us ever grateful and faithful to the Sacred Heart and be 100% committed to the mission the Lord had entrusted to us. May He and the spread of His Kingdom be our only focus.