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"Whom shall I send? Who will bear my light?

About 28 Jesus Youth enchanted by their peers pledged themselves to be the bearers of Christ's light in their campus. They were initiated by a group of young boys and girls. They radiated such an abundance of youthfulness and passion for Christ that the participants wanted to be light bearers of Jesus in their campus . Many of them shared their life and experiences as Jesus Youth workers. "The deepest longing of human heart is to live for a cause" - they emphasized. I am sure that they have caught the message.

Hundred and sixty eight pupils who shared their life with us determined to join hands with us as past pupils. During the enrolment prayer service with light in their hands they pledged themselves to be a light to transform the society as they left the portals of Auxilium. The spirit and life of Don Bosco has enriched them .They are sure to be with the charisma and family spirit to continue their mission in the society. "A small insignificant stone causes ripples all over the pond".

18 Young girls harkened to the inner voice and attended the vocation camp. It was organised by Sr. Rosely our vocation promoter. Sr. Rosa inaugurated and welcomed the participants. Sr. Regina, Sr. Pothen and Sr. Rosely were speakers of the day. They inspired them with the different "calls" in the Bible. Recreation, games and sing - song sessions were other highlights. Girls enjoyed the day. We will wait and see ... " Is It I Lord, to bear your light to the people?".

The ICSE students of Nava Jyoti prepared a beautiful exhibition on various themes depicting their talents and creativity in modern technology. It was inaugurated by the Manager Sr. Elizabeth. She congratulated the staff and the students for the splendid show.