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Jubilee Bells Are Ringing..

The RED LETTER day in our Province was on which we had a Solemn High Holy Mass in honour of the Jubilarians: Sr. Lewis Jane and Sr. Helen Netto, the Golden Jubilarians and Sr. Thomas Rose and Sr. Pathadan Joseph Anna the diamond Jubilarians.

On July 3rd the entire Province joined together to thank the Almighty and each of them for their 50 and 60 years of dedicated Consecrated Life they rendered to the congregation, through their dedication and self sacrifice which they gave to the Province through the community. Sr. D'Almeida Crescentia, Provincial, honored them by putting a shawl for each and expressed her gratitude and sentiments by recalling to mind the service that they have rendered to the province by their fidelity to the call of God, selfless sacrifice, dedicated service and by setting examples for the younger sisters and laity. The sisters too felicitated them by putting shawls and garlands and presenting with gifts. Communities in Bangalore entertained the audience with a wonderful cultural program. The campus seemed as if it is having a big Mela. The invitees and dear ones of the sisters filled the campus and it added color to the day.