FMA INK Communities


Family Apostolate

Our sisters visit the families mainly the poorest in the neighborhood. They share their problems, joys and sorrows. Sisters make a note of them and try to help them as much as possible. In the BCC units, they read the Bible and explain its meaning and significance. They pray with them and pray for them.

In those centres where 'Italia Solidale'was functioning, financial help was offered as microcredit, which was a great boon to poor families. If helped them to pay off their debts to stop borrowing money and to start income generating projects.

In catholic families the sisters enquire about their attendance at Sunday Mass and other religious obligations. If the sacraments have not been received, the sisters encourage them and prepare them and direct them to the Parish Priest. Wherever possible, the sisters visit the sick, help the deserving ones even financially, and attend the funerals. The terminally ill patients and those for whom there is no one to take care are directed to palliative care centres or to appropriate institutions where they are cared for.