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The Salesian Educational institutions originated in Italy as a divinely inspired initiative of St. John Bosco our Father and Founder and St. Mary Domenica Mazzarello our Co-Foundress both great friends and guides of youth. Their deep communion with God and readiness to learn from Mary our Blessed Mother, made them attentive and sensitive to the cry for help of poor young people. This mission handed on to their followers became part of an over- all plan for the holistic education of youth spread all over the world. In keeping with the charism of Don Bosco and Mary Mazzarello, we the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco of the Sacred Heart Province of Bangalore, work in various settings for young people especially the poorest who are the wealth and treasure that God has entrusted to us. They are the theological place, the "Holy Ground" where God speaks to us. We consider our educational institutions as the important and privileged place to reach out to the young people for the following reasons (cf. Salesian Youth Ministry pg.98):

•   The educational institutions are the preferred cultural medium of education in which we can give a systematic response to the needs of pupils proportionate to their growth.

•   It is an institution that determines the formation of personality because it transmits the view of the world, of humankind and of history (cf. CS.8)

•   Moreover it is one of the most important means of fostering human dignity and integral development.

The educational institutions run by the Salesian Sisters of DonBosco of Bangalore Province are commonly known by the name 'Auxilium' .


The Auxilium educational institutions of Bangalore Province are owned by the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco of Sacred Heart Province, Bangalore and the Sisters are governed by the Constitutions of the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (FMA) who are commonly known as the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco. Auxilium schools/Colleges are Christian minority institutions, established and administered by the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians(F.M.A) commonly known as Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco. It is primarily meant for the education of Christians, but members of other communities are also admitted without reference to caste or creed, and their rights of conscience are respected. True to the vision of their Founders, the schools/colleges commit themselves to serve the economically and socially backward and needy students.

This mission of education is accomplished primarily through the team effort of several collaborators namely, the Educating Community which consists of:

•   The Religious Community Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco ( FMA) - the animating nucleus
•   The Parents
•   The Teachers
•   The members of the Salesian Family and other lay collaborators who nurture the growth process.
•   The YOUNG PEOPLE, the focus of all our educative interventions

The Educating Community is a complex reality that constantly grows and develops. In it there is an animating core group which is made up of the religious community, parents, educators and young people who seek in their lives, to witness to values that promote human dignity and integral growth of the young people.

In a context of growing globalization and multiculturalism, the presence of an educating community that monitors with care the convergence of educational interventions is essential, to ensure that educational frames of reference are translated into practical responses to the deeper needs of the younger generations.

In an Educating Community that educates itself and others, the animating core group is one that shares faith in God. It fulfills its mission by valuing everyone's contribution and in an attitude of co-responsibility and participation, favours the creation of the family spirit, loving kindness and joy which are typical elements of the Salesian Spirit. We look up to Mary as our Mother, Model, Teacher and Guide. The members own, share and evaluate the educational plan recognizing the contribution of each one.

At the heart of the relationship between the FMA, the laity and young people is the choice of living authentically their common human identity and educational vocation according to the style and characteristics of the Salesian Charism.

The Past Pupils' Association commits itself to work along with the FMA for the promotion and education especially of the poor, and for the defense of the family, of human rights and of peace.

The Salesian Co-operators as the lay branch of the Congregation commits itself to the mission to the youth and working people in the Salesian style. ( cf .GEM page 42-49).


Don Bosco's method of Education: Preventive System - Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness
•   Family spirit
•   Educative presence and Accompaniment
•   Holistic development
•   Quest for Excellence

Catechesis and Value Education
•   Sense of the Divine and Communion with God
•   Optimism, Joy and Celebration
•   Motherly presence of Mary

Commitment to the promotion of Human Rights

Educative value of Groups Education to Social Awareness, Concern for the less privileged, Principles of Politics, Ecology and in the right use of Mass Media.

Don Bosco`s Method of Education:

The Preventive System
The Preventive System is formulated as Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness - principles that indicate a harmonious vision of the person gifted with reason, affectivity, will and openness to the Transcendent. In this sense, the Preventive System is an example of Christian humanism, where the centrality of the faith is indissolubly united to an appreciation of the values present in history. At a methodological level, our educational project aims at guiding young people towards choosing the good and orienting their affective resources towards the gift of self, helping them to gradually overcome adolescent self-centeredness and accompanying them towards a transforming encounter with God.

The vision of our Educational Institutions is the education of children / youth especially the poorest to become empowered and efficient leaders of integrity, godliness and goodness who can build a better society.

To impart integral education to the students giving special attention to those who are economically weak and socially backward, in the locality and surrounding areas.

We envisage our students to become intellectually enlightened, morally sound, imbued with a sense of the Divine, psychologically integrated, patriotic, eco-friendly, committed to the cause of justice, peace and truth - in a word, integrally developed young women and men who will be agents of social transformation for a better tomorrow

Our philosophy is inspired by a Christian vision of humankind, created in the image and likeness of God and loved by Him and are called to rise above this world of the senses, to attain communion with God, through service to fellow beings.

"Christ is the foundation of the whole educational enterprises in a Catholic school. It is committed to the development of the whole person, since in Christ, the Perfect Man,all human values find their fulfillment and unity. Herein lies the specifically Catholic character of the school. Its duty to cultivate human values in their own legitimate right in accordance with its particular mission to serve all people has its origin in the figure of Christ. He is the one who ennobles human being, gives meaning to human life and its model which the Catholic school offers to its pupils" (C.S. No. 34, 35 ).

Auxilium schools/colleges carry out their mission in the plurality of a socio-cultural, religious context.The school / college is a place of integral formation of youth by means of a systematic and critical assimilation of knowledge and culture.This vital approach takes place in the school/college, in the form of personal contacts and commitment, considers absolute values of Truth, Beauty and Goodness in a life context and seeks to insert them into a life frame work.

The school/college motivates the students to exercise their intelligence through the dynamics of understanding the meaning of their experiences and their truths. It aims at creating a human society of love, justice, peace and freedom, liberated from corruption, prejudices, superstitions and discrimination based on sex, religion, caste and economic status.

The school/college is to be free from politics and the students shall not involve themselves in political activities. But they should be educated to patriotism and principles of politics.